Equipped to Handle Big Jobs, Tough Terrain and Extreme Conditions

We have the right equipment for the onshore laying and transportation of pipe. In desert heat, snow, or sleet — our specially designed equipment can handle extreme conditions and built to handle almost any difficult ground or terrain. Additionally, since 100% of our equipment is company owned and 90% of our trucks are less than three years old, reliability is not an issue.

Major Equipment Includes:

Vacuum Lifts

At Pe Ben USA, we are pioneers in developing and using technology that later becomes known as the industry standard. Our vacuum lifts are one example. Our lifts, designed with high-powered suction capabilities, can move steel with ease. With this custom-engineered, specialty equipment, we can handle steel, coil and plate with or without coating.

Self Steering Pole Trailers

With built-in safety, our self-steering pole trailers allow our drivers to safely go around corners and make turns that other trucks are not able to complete.

Redefining pipeline transportation with safety in mind, Pe Ben USA is always first in line.

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