Safety First.

Our integrity and safety record are second to none in the industry. We strive to ensure that jobs are done in the safest possible manner, and our employees are working conscientiously in every aspect of the job. We are committed to returning our team experts to their families in good health and without incident.

Another goal is to maintain the high standard of vehicle preparedness for any job that may arise, and to ensure that we are operating on the public highways professionally and safely. We take great pride in the safety culture we bring to jobs. The health and welfare of all our employees and the high standard of equipment preparedness is paramount in every aspect of the work we do for you.

As a client of Pe Ben USA, you can be sure that the collective efforts of our Operations and Safety Departments will blend together to accomplish the task at hand. At Pe Ben USA, safety is not only a behavior — it is an attitude.

We’re committed to safe execution and take every precaution to ensure the health and welfare of our employees. Our high-quality equipment and streamlined procedures have allowed us to exceed expectations each year when independently audited for safety compliance. At Pe Ben USA, safety comes standard.

Redefining pipeline transportation with safety in mind, Pe Ben USA is always first in line.

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