Pipe Logistics Coordination

Experts in the Management of Acquisition, Transportation and Storage of Pipe

In this industry, there are many companies who can provide trucks and equipment to handle your projects. We’re different. At Pe Ben USA, we provide it all, beginning with logistics coordination. We effectively manage the acquisition, movement and storage of your materials. We also handle every operation from the point of origin to the destination site in order to meet your requirements.

As a client of Pe Ben USA, you can be sure that the collective efforts of our Operations and Safety Departments will blend together to accomplish the task at hand. At Pe Ben USA & MTS Canada, safety is not only a behavior — it is an attitude.

We’re committed to safe execution and take every precaution to ensure the health and welfare of our employees. Our high-quality equipment and streamlined procedures have allowed us to exceed expectations each year when independently audited for safety compliance. At Pe Ben USA & MTS Canada, safety comes standard.

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Redefining pipeline transportation with safety in mind, Pe Ben USA is always first in line.

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