Warehouse Inventory Management

Pipe Warehousing, Inventory Management, Tracking and Traceability

Pe Ben USA & MTS Canada can secure indoor and outdoor, climate controlled storage areas for materials related to pipeline construction. We also offer the capability to provide office facilities, which can include staffing and security for operations.

Inventory Management
Pe Ben USA & MTS Canada can provide and manage a tracking or traceability solution for the movement of pipe and related materials via ship, barge, rail, or truck. At each stage whether, offloading, stockpiling, hauling, or stringing we are able to track exact movement and provide detailed reporting. There is no longer the need to wonder where your pipe is or filter through boxes of hardcopy BOLs. Our highly trained personnel can utilize specialized rugged equipment to scan and track any barcoded material. The near real-time reporting allows for more efficient workflows and logistical planning with pipe mills, railroads and ports to maintain delivery schedules.

Tracking and Traceability
OneTrack is an affiliated product of Pe Ben USA that uses barcode labels to scan and track materials during transport and at the jobsite. This new technology replaces the archaic and inconsistent method of hand-copying identification numbers stenciled on materials. Strategic training procedures and safety methods separate OneTrack from its competitors, and innovative technology provides precise tracking and documentation for materials.

Our specialized scanning equipment allows OneTrack to work when you do. The hand-held scanners are exceptionally durable, and withstand extreme temperatures, rain and wet climates, dust and whatever harsh conditions your project experiences.

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