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Jimmy Gregory

VP of Operations

Jimmy Gregory is the VP of Operations for Pe Ben USA, where he is responsible for the day to day field operations including safety, project execution, along with client, state, and federal, compliance.

Shortly after receiving a college degree, Jimmy began his career in this industry in 1999 and has been with the Pe Ben USA team since its inception in 2006. While at Pe Ben USA, he has been a driver, operator, supervisor, and Operations Manager before being promoted to VP of Operations in August 2017.

During the time as a Field Supervisor, Operations Manager, and VP of Operations, Jimmy has been responsible for the coordination and logistics for hundreds of miles of pipe, including shipping, stockpiling, and stringing on large projects across the US and Canada. He is originally from Cedarville, WV and now resides in Waller, TX with his wife and two children.

Pe Ben Team

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